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ATV Safety for Dummies Study Guide

Dec 30, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by Rusty G.

Need to brush up on your ATV safety?

When it comes to tackling the terrain, mother nature can have some surprises in store for you. It's best to be prepared for an unsafe scenario ahead of time, so you can smoothly handle the situation if worse comes to worst. Are you well-versed in your ATV safety for dummies, or could you use a little brushing up on your know-how?

Whether our ATV safety quiz brought you here, or you are looking to refresh your basics, this slideshow covers beginner-level ATV safety rules and reminders. Everyone who is on the back of an off-road or all terrain vehicle should abide by these rules, it can get dangerous out there. 

Think you've got the basics down? After you've read this study guide, test your knowledge with our ATV safety quiz for dummies!

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Written by Rusty G.

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