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FAQ: What is a Rumble Ready and Coming Soon Off-Road Vehicle?

Jun 29, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Trail Boss

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At RumbleOn, you can easily shop used dirt bikes, ATVs, and more in our Rumble Ready inventory— Wait. ‘Rumble Ready’? What’s that mean?

At RumbleOn, we strive to make your shopping experience better than the other guys by offering you the widest selection of vehicles in a one-stop, online shopping place. That’s why ATVs, motorcycles, and other Powersports are added to our inventory on the daily! And with so many used vehicles on hand, we realize you might have a few questions. For example, ‘Coming Soon’ vs. ‘Rumble Ready’ — what do those labels mean?

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I’d like to highlight the differences between Coming Soon and Rumble Ready, and then answer some of your most frequently asked questions so you can shop RumbleOn vehicles with confidence.


Is there a difference between ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Rumble Ready’ Powersports vehicles?

Yes, there is! A ‘Coming Soon’ vehicle is one that is either in transit to our warehouse or is in the process of becoming Rumble Ready. By contrast, a ‘Rumble Ready’ vehicle is one that has been inspected by a professional third-party inspection service and has received a comprehensive Condition Report. Later, professional photos are taken of the vehicle, and it is assigned a value price. In other words, Rumble Ready vehicles are ready for immediate purchase.

Coming Soon ATV


How do I secure a Coming Soon vehicle that isn’t ready for purchase?

You can always place a Coming Soon vehicle on hold for a fully-refundable $250 deposit, but only once it becomes Rumble Ready can you complete the purchase and have your new ATV, dirt bike, or motorcycle shipped straight to your door (the deposit will be applied towards the purchase of the vehicle in this case). 

And, if after the Condition Report comes back you decide you no longer want the vehicle, don’t worry—you can cancel the hold and we’ll refund you the $250 deposit. 


Does RumbleOn provide shipping when I buy ATVs and other powersports from them?

At RumbleOn, we want to make shipment of your Powersports purchase as seamless as possible, which is why we’ll ship your Rumble Ready ATV, motorcycle, or dirt bike right to your door! At this time, our shipping services are available for a one-time flat fee of $299 (excludes Alaska and Hawaii). If you require shipment outside of the lower-48 states, we'll ship your ATV to the closest port for your convenience.

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As far as ATV trade-ins go, we'll deliver the new vehicle for $299 and then pick up the vehicle you’re trading in, for free! Rest assured, if you want to trade an ATV with us, we’re just as transparent about the process.


If I want to shop used ATVs with RumbleOn, how do I get started?

As the pioneers of an all-in-one online vehicle marketplace, we specialize in fast, easy, and efficient customer experiences. With this in mind, the shopping process is so simple and applies to all Powersports vehicles we have in stock, not just ATVs. To buy dirt bikes, ATVs, and other Rumble Ready Powersports, you can:

  1. Shop used ATVs that are either Coming Soon or Rumble Ready (they’re all waiting for a new owner!). Once you’ve made your selection,
  2. Put the vehicle on hold with a fully refundable $250 deposit. This deposit will hold the vehicle for 24 hours, during which time a RumbleOn Representative will reach out to finalize the transaction.
  3. Complete the purchase. Simply log into your RumbleOn account, click “Start Purchase,” and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you choose to finance the vehicle, you’ll be taken to our online financing page; if you choose to pay with cash, a RumbleOn Representative will contact you to finalize the payment process.

Rumble Ready ATV

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Do you cover Rumble Ready purchases with a money-back guarantee? 

Absolutely. Every Rumble Ready vehicle in our inventory is backed by our 3-day, 150-mile Money-Back Guarantee. This means if you buy used ATVs, motorcycles, or dirt bikes from RumbleOn and aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase, you have 3 days, or 150 miles, to let us know. Afterwards, you will need to ship the unwanted vehicle back to RumbleOn and we will refund the purchase directly to your bank account. So easy!

The process is slightly different if you happen to finance a Rumble Ready Powersports vehicle: Once you have shipped the vehicle back to us and it’s in our possession, we will cancel the loan and then promptly return your payment.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more about the RumbleOn Money Back Guarantee!


What if I buy or trade in ATVs and find a defect in my new vehicle?

We provide 90 days of protection with the RumbleOn Mechanical Guarantee for any Powersports vehicle you buy from us, and it begins on the date of purchase. This Guarantee is 100% free and includes oil leaks, battery issues, loose belts, and other various mechanical defects.

To be sure, RumbleOn does not cover a mechanical problem that occurs due to negligence or carelessness, and while the Guarantee cannot be transferred over to a new vehicle or different owner, a new Guarantee or extended coverage can be filed.

At RumbleOn, we strive for excellence and pride ourselves on being the right fit for any and all vehicle preferences. So check out our impressive selection of used Powersports today and find your dream ATV, motorcycle, and more with RumbleOn! 


Do you have any more questions you want answered before you buy ATVs and other Powersports from RumbleOn? Drop us a comment below and let’s start a conversation!


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