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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Best ATV Accessories for the Ride

Jun 8, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Rusty G.

Celebrate this Father’s Day with some ATV gifts Dad can use on the trails. It’ll be the ultimate surprise!

In my family, Father’s Day is a big deal. When I was younger, my mom used to prepare a big continental breakfast in the morning, and for the rest of the day, my dad enjoyed unlimited access to the TV. A little while later, we each gave him a gift.

Father's Day

Nowadays, my dad and I spend the first part of the morning riding the ATV trails near my parents’ home, and this new pastime has opened up a ton of gift-giving possibilities. For Father’s Day this year, step outside your comfort zone and present dad with some ATV gifts that’ll boost his fun on the trails.  


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If you’re looking for a few ideas, here’s a list of the best Father’s Day gifts and best ATV accessories money can buy:


New Helmet

Dad’s safety is our #1 goal, so why not treat him to a new helmet he’ll be proud to wear? If he’s been agonizing over a brand-name helmet with maximum comfort and adjustable air vents, but he’s not willing to shell out the dough, then now’s your time to shine. Trust me, even Mom would approve of these ATV gifts!

ATV Gear


Whether he rides the trails at a leisurely pace or like a bat out of hell, Dad’s eyes will need protection from all the dirt and debris that’ll be flying up around him. Help protect and increase his visibility with a new set of riding goggles! I’d suggest getting a tinted pair so he won’t have to wear sunglasses underneath.  


Audio system

You may not agree with his taste in music, but even Dad deserves to rock out on the trails, especially on Father’s Day. While your budget will determine which audio system you buy, if there’s a simple speaker system with Bluetooth capabilities in your midst, get that. Installation is pretty easy, so you could surprise him with setup, too!


LED Light Bar

LED lights are awesome because they’re brighter than any stock headlight and will keep the ride going even when the stars are out. These guys can get pretty expensive if you’re shopping at a specialty store, but on Amazon the prices are basically milk money.

LED Light Bar


Bed Rack

Storage space is a highly underrated feature on an ATV, but if Dad doesn’t mind a little extra resistance when he rides, bed racks are excellent gifts for ATV lovers. This way, he can strap his favorite cooler to the back of his ATV so the two of you can sip some, uh, refreshments in between rides. (Remember to ride safe!)


Tie-Down System

Speaking of straps, a tie-down system is likely on Dad’s wish list, too. He might have a few bungee cords lying around, which will get the job done just fine, but ATV tie-down straps ensure extra security when he’s hauling. They’re also super affordable!

Tie Down System for ATV

Ride Seat Protector

Depending on your ride time, a seat protector could be one of the best ATV accessories you gift your dad with this Father’s Day. As much as he may hate to admit it (mine sure does), his assets are going to need a bit of cushioning while the two of you are out on the trails all day. Otherwise, it might be a while before you get him back out there again.

Tire Repair Kit

Puns aren’t really my thing, but a flat tire can really deflate the ATV riding experience, so do good ol’ Dad a favor and buy him a tire repair kit (and get yourself one, too, while you’re at it!).

ATV Tires

At the end of the day, Father’s Day is about celebrating the one guy we can always count on. One way to express your appreciation is through gift-giving, and if your dad happens to be an ATV rider like mine, then any one of these Father’s Day gift ideas is sure to be a hit.


But I’m sure I haven’t covered all of the best Father’s Day gifts out there, so let me know which ones you recommend in a comment!


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