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Rider Gear for Dirt Bikes and Motocross

May 13, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by Cam

Motocross Rider Safety Gear; the foundation pieces you'll need to ride your dirt bike

It’s not rocket science to recognize that riding comes with its influxes of safety concerns. But most riders who understand that, accept it, and take the necessary precautions to ensure they’re riding in the safest manner possible.


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However, not all riding styles are created equal, and that means the gear needed to ride your Harley Fat Bob is not going to be the same gear you need to ride your KTM dirt bike.

When you’re riding your Harley, odds are you’re taking it through the twists and turns of scenic roads, or on a long road trip to one of the many biker rallies. When you’re riding a dirt bike, your tires are kicking up rough terrain and slopes of dirt, which means a whole different dimension of possible danger.  

But just as selecting high-quality safety gear for traditional riding is a priority, the same can be said for dirt bike and off-road riding. While the safety gear may depend on your level of riding (are you a beginner or a seasoned professional), it stays pretty consistent on both fronts.

Here are the top rider safety items you’ll want to invest in when you’re riding a dirt-bike or riding Motocross:


A Helmet: 

Okay, so there’s no surprise here. Your head is the area that can withstand the least amount of damage because it houses our brain. And, to no one’s surprise, the brain is pretty dang important. So protect it at all costs. If you’re riding a dirt-bike, there are helmets created for specific styles of riding. They have extended chin protection, which is one of the visual standouts from other helmets. You need to make sure you find a helmet that fits you well, not just physically, but also fits your price range. But as long as it’s DOT (Department of Transportation) approved and comfortable, you should be good to go! Getting a helmet that is comfortable and snug on your head is the key for a good fit.

Source: FortNine YouTube 



This is a big one, because most traditional motorcycle riders won’t be found wearing these. They’ll usually sport a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from the rays of the sun, but that’s the extent. When you’re riding a dirt-bike through terrain that is the opposite of a smooth, paved road, you’ll have all different kinds of material and debris aiming for your face. I’m not sure if you know what it feels like to have a piece of gravel hit your eye, but it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty unpleasant feeling. So purchase some goggles that will protect your eyes from whatever terrain you’re riding. You can even get some tinted ones so that they can also act as sunglasses!

Source: Rocky Mountain ATV MC 


Neck Brace:

This will be aimed more towards those riders that are going to be going pretty hard or racing on a trail. Just as your head is important, so is your neck. Your neck is connected to your tailbone, which is, unfortunately, a huge deciding factor in whether or not you can end up paralyzed. If you purchase a neck brace, it works with your helmet to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body. And, believe it or not, with the consistent options and new brands popping up, they don’t look like how you’d envision them. But even if they weren’t the most visually appealing thing to wear, looking less stylish is better than losing your life and mobility, right?


Source: Rocky Mountain ATV MC 


Under Shorts:

Things get hot out there, especially when you’re riding through the day. So, it’s important to consider what you’re going to wear under all the gear. Undergear shorts can be the difference between being completely comfortable and riding throughout the day, or experiencing awful chafing and having to sit on the side and watch your friends enjoy themselves. Plus, when you take off your gear at the end of the day and are hanging around with friends, they’d probably appreciate you walking around in these, instead of your underwear. So, if you’re not going to do it for yourself, then do it for your friends and your dignity.

Source: Chaparral Motorsports YouTube 


Knee Braces:

You hear people complain all the time about having a ‘“bad knee or two,” and you don’t want to be that person if you can prevent it. While knee injuries are very common in a variety of chosen hobbies, don’t let the common occurrences convince you that it’s not serious. Braces can be pricey, that’s for sure, but they’re bound to be less expensive than the potential surgery you’ll have to pay for if you crash and don’t have one. Consider them a worthy investment.

Source: Rocky Mountain ATV MC 



These boots were made for…well, riding. While it’s highly suggested your wear boots while riding your traditional motorcycle down the road, sometimes people decide to skip out on it. That’s not suggested, but wearing the proper boots on your dirt-bike is even more important. When you’re riding on difficult terrain that isn’t as smooth as pavement, you’re going to want high boots to offer protection for your lower ankle and leg. While all the items on this list are important, a good pair of boots is right up there with a quality helmet.

Source: Chaparral Motorsports YouTube 

 Hydration Pack: 

This is an optional one, as not all riders will justify this purchase. However, if you know you’re going to be riding in a long race or riding a long trail, and you won’t want to stop, hydration packs are what you’ll need. The hydration pack will allow you to drink through a tube attached to the pack, so you won’t have to stop your fun at any point in time. Now, if you have to use the bathroom...I don’t have any suggestions for that.


Chest Protector:

This item of gear is especially important for the riders that know they’ll be making jumps, whether that’s on a dirt trail or any other high-level terrain. It will protect your chest from impact if you misjudged how far forward a jump, or a landing, would throw your body. You have a lot of vital organs located in this region, so you’re going to want to make sure that you protect it just as much as you protect your head. It’s better to be wearing too much rider safety gear than not enough.

Source: Odvdesign YouTube 

Shop around and find the gear that piques your interest! The color and price will be up to you, but this should give you a great idea what your foundation purchases should be.

Have fun and ride hard!


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